Light a Candle

Would you like us to light a candle for you at church?

We are providing you the opportunity to continue your devotional practice of being able to light a candle, while doing it remotely as we all find ways to continue our connections with our parish and community. Father Greg will light as many narthex and vigil (4 or 8 day) candles as you would like to request.

If you wish to light a candle, please email  We will make every effort to display these as best as possible during the streaming services.  In your email please be as specific as possible and include the following in your request:

  • The type of candle (8-day; 4-day; one day)
  • The number of each candle to be lit
  • Over what period of time (you can submit one bulk order to have candles lit over time)

An example would be something like:

“Please light one 4 day memorial candle each Sunday for the next 4 weeks”


To support this opportunity, donations for this can be handled through our on-line giving platform or through more traditional forms (check or cash) via mail; your on-line banking platforms; or when you are in church again.